FLOW ten years, ten thousand photos.

-It’s now about ten years since I first started to think about photos in a flow instead as single images. When you are exposed to photos in an unstructured flow it invites you to take part and participate in the making of the story in a way that is unique. It’s only poetry, still images and the spoken stories that allows this.

-The Images in FLOW are not in a certain order decided by me or some other editor, they are shown in a non linear flow and the story builds itself in the imagination of the viewer, I only supply the fuel. How the story will develop is up to the viewers brain, and will be different for all as we all have different memories and fantasies.

So every viewer will have her’s or his’s unique story.

A photographic image tells us very little about it content, a little more about the maker and very much about ourselves

When I begun with FLOW it was mostly as a reaction against my everyday work, shooting for advertisements and annual reports. I felt a longing towards a more simple and unedited
image. I begun shooting with very simple cameras, most of the time without framing a subject. After a few years around 2005 I begun using my mobile phone, shooting and uploading to a website of my own.

As the years have passed the mobile cameras has developed and now have many editing apps in them, people shoot and edit in their phones, and I have begun using more advanced cameras again. The camera I use today have better quality then my studio camera had when I begun this project and works and looks like a camera from 1953.

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